Front List is a carefully curated selection of high quality, yet affordable artworks available for sale. The purpose of the list is to invite new collectors, supporters and people curious about contemporary art, to meet with both emerging and established artists working in different fields and media. Front List is a step in building a long term relationship between art and audience.


How much does it cost?

All artworks on Front List cost 1000 euros or less and are priced in dialogue between Front List and the artist. For emerging artists, sales are an important income that allows for more time and material to further develop ones practice. Many artists on the list are not working with a gallery or other sales representatives, so working with Front List is an important way to meet new supporters and fans. Front List receives 30% of the market price, the other 70% goes to the artist.


How does it work?

Once you’ve scrolled through the list of artworks and found something you feel is for you, both aesthetically and financially, you simply send an e-mail to us specifying what piece you are interested in, and we take it from there.


How do I get my artwork?

If you prefer to have it sent to you, an additional transport cost will be added. However, we would encourage anyone with the possibility to pick up the art work by themselves, directly from the artists studio. This way you can learn more about the work of the artist and what they have going on at the moment.


Can you help me install it?

If requested we have a partnering team of art handlers who are able to help you hang or install your acquisition. In some cases the artist is also available for this. Also if you would like help having a piece framed we can arrange this for you. All extra services come with an additional fee.


Company details

Front List lies under the company Johan Norling EF
Industrivägen 14, 171 48 Solna, Sweden.
Vat number: 198507146614-9
Org number: 198507146614