Författararkiv: frontlistart.com

Chris Magnusson

Magnussons pieces presented on Front List are mixed media drawings from 2017. In the images the collage-like composition contains references and images of popular culture, a visual language also present in Magnussons work as a tattoo-artist. More.

Sandra Ylikangas

The project Gruvan takes place in the Swedish town of Kiruna and focuses on the town’s iron mine located in Kiirunavaara mountain. The series of four images was taken in 2016, and the main purpose is to examine what happens in a town and with its environment when the industry takes over. More.

Iris Smeds

Delphi Gas Leak is a hoto from Smeds’ project The Actress; The Oracle: The Tragedy in which she embodies the Oracle in Delphi. Available at Front List is also a still from the video Surreal Strategies to Apply on a Disillusioned Landscape. More.

Lap-See Lam

Room With a View is a series of in total 32 collages. Each collage features the interior of a Chinese restaurant in Stockholm, looking out onto another Chinese restaurant. In the next collage, we see the interior of said restaurant, looking out onto yet another Chinese restaurant and so forth. The series finally results in a loop as collage number 32 looks out onto number 1. In the series, the interior and exterior expressions of the stylized Chinese restaurant is allowed to take center stage and become the focal point of the spectators gaze, raising questions of normativety. More.

Jenny Åkerlund

Finds is a series of drawn reproductions of printouts, depicting cosmic dust, also called micrometeorites. The series derive from the mediation of imagery, and how technology, in many cases, may act as our external eyes. All works are colored pencil and charcoal powder on paper, 29,7x21cm. More.

Agnes Mohlin

For Front List, Agnes Mohlin present a series of works that play with the idea of the public monument in a more intimate setting. Would-be monumental stone sculptures and fountains are smaller in scale and rather than depicting triumphant political leaders or events, the imagery draws on parts of the human body, an eye or a butt. More.